Those can’t afford to drive themselves prefer the public transportation. The time to commute can be spent on something else, checking email receiving phone calls and many more. Aside from that, public transportation is also cost-effective. If you want to save every day, you can ride the bus or train to work of wherever you want to go. You might enjoy the benefits check this installment loans offer it gives you, but the public transportation is also a hassle. The following are its disadvantages.  

Public Transportation


Compare to riding a private hired vehicle, you won’t have a choice about the routes that the train or bus will follow. These vehicles follow a preset route that can’t be changed, so if your destination is a distance away from the station, you might find it inconvenient to walk. The bus and train won’t stop at the exact location where you’re going. Their job is to pick up and let off passengers at the designated stop. So if you’re traveling in an unfamiliar city, you might get lost or you will have to walk some distance. This is a real sacrifice for others who still prefer public transportation.  


There’s no privacy in buses and trains. If you take out your phone or laptop and do something, other people might see it. If you need to work on an important file while you commute, you need to book a taxi from to give you some privacy. While on the bus or train too, you can’t just choose who you want to sit next to. The illnesses and diseases of other people might go to you too especially if the space is also constricted.  


The bus and trains have a concrete schedule to follow. People have to wait for them to arrive at the stations. So if you’re running late, riding in a public transport might not be a good idea for you. There are people who memorized the schedule and arrive in the station just in time for the vehicle to arrive. If you’re a traveler, you shouldn’t waste some time if you want to catch up on the schedule. That’s why most people prefer private hire vehicles like taxi to get them into their destination.  


When you decide to ride on a bus or train, you should expect that it’s going to be packed with people. There isn’t much space, if you’re lucky you can have a seat. But if it’s rush hour, you’re going to stand all the time. This is a major concern if you’re with someone who has special needs, like children with strollers or old people with wheelchair (read more here). You can’t do this on a public transport so you should just ride a vehicle where you’re comfortable at.  


Not all buses and trains are safe. Since you’re riding with strangers, you will never know who has a bad intention to you and your other fellow riders. Because of the tight space, you might not notice that you already lost your wallet or bag. There may after all be some loan advantages for when you need personal transport.