It is advisable to regularly change mattresses in a certain period of time that is for hygienic and sanitation purposes or some just found out that they want newer and better mattresses at home that are why they change it. 

Research shows that millions of people change their mattresses each year and the more people who dispose of their mattresses that bigger our landfill gets.

That is why like other of our pieces of stuff mattress can also be recycled in that way we can help our environment. We need to make sure that we know how and where to give our mattresses to in case we don’t have that time to recycle it.

You can find and research for recycling industries in your state and inquire if they recycle mattress in that way you can donate your mattress to them.  Landfills nowadays area already overflowing with a lot of junk and it is just too much that it can handle and imagine that we keep on adding and adding it for the year.


It takes a lot of space and it is not healthy and good for our environment that is why it is important that we are aware of this issue in that way we can help in reducing our carbon footprint.  

When this landfills became too full and no one takes action about it there are no people who recycle and dispose of this properly people will find new spaces to create another landfill imagine seeing your state with landfills everywhere that are not so pleasing to look at. Junk removal Fort Lauderdale will help us get with proper mattress disposal in that way it can be more convenient and stress-free for us.   

Why do we need to recycle our Mattress? 

Our mattress is made up of materials that are not biodegradable that is why when we dispose of our mattress it not only takes too much space but it will also take too much of our time since it doesn’t decay that easily.

The mattress is made up of heavy frames, springs and a lot more. It may even contain chemicals that are not good when it reaches are solid and water.

What Happens during Mattress Recycling? 

  • Springs & Coils metal is melted and can be shaped into newer and functional items. 
  • Mattress foams are shredded and used in carpet padding, moving pads, and as a fuel source. 
  • Cotton and other fibers can use in filters, insulation or burn for fuel.
  • Fabrics & Upholstery can be used and added to another recycle item 
  • Wood can be chipped and burned for fuel 


That is why it is important that we recycle our mattress because it can be used for a lot of useful things rather than just leaving it in landfills and rot for a century it can really take years for it to degrade and can get too much space of our landfill. So call the pros today and let them help you dispose of it properly.